Beautiful painting by Beatrice

Beatrice Cloake and Oil Paintings


I could not resist painting these two beauties

Oil on canvas board.

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Another Superb work of art by Beatrice…
“I feel as if I could just walk into the painting”…

Beatrice Cloake and Oil Paintings

The canal Hythe

Again, this is a wonderful scenery that can be expected along the canal in Hythe.

I sold this little painting in an exhibition. I was told that the owner lived in Chelsea.

You can find more about Hythe and the history of the canal:


Most of my paintings of Hythe : http://www.hythekent.weebly.com

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New Year – Fresh beginings…


With the sun setting now 2012 is well behind us January is nearly gone and February is looming 2013 is getting a firm grip

My thought are now on “time to get cracking” with my next projects.This year I hope to complete the book I started a few years ago. Its a sort of autobiography of my life experiences. Many friends have encouraged me over the years to make a start but I didn’t think I could re-live all the memories…

Well I have burnt many bridges in the past couple of years and have decided to get on with it, so Ive decided to enjoy the moments laugh through the good, and cry through the bad, but I am determined to see it through.

Then the next thing is to get sorted with my “2014 Project”, find funding, and a printer, etc Booked the Gallery @ the Spa already for October 2014. I Intend to put on an exciting show with the help friends fellow artists and photographers…