Bio: Hi. My name is Merice Ewart-Marshall. I feel proud and privileged to have been selected in October 2005 by Leeds Fine Artists, thus becoming their first-ever exhibiting photographer. I started taking photographs in March 2005 and held my first public display of work in Burton Agnes Hall courtyard gallery in May 2005. I have since exhibited in many galleries around Yorkshire. My husband watercolourist Glenn Marshall, called me Tech-no-chick when I first took up computer imagery and it has stuck. All of my images are created from my own original photographs, sometimes with dramatic effects and sometimes very subtle. I try to visualise a finished idea in my mind and hope to control the outcome. It doesn’t always work but it sure can be fun. I like to portray the world as I see it. I believe that my being partially sighted can only help me to look at things differently and with an abstract view. I have suffered with ME since 1986 but I have learned to control the symptoms most of the time, with an organic diet, gentle exercise, plus herbal and homeopathic remedies. At 55 – an age were most people are winding down, getting ready to retire – my life took on a new beginning. My work can be seen by arrangement or at my open studio, and galleries around Yorkshire http://www.mericefotografix.com @Mericesfotoz

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